Almost Mondi’s time to introduce the label Mondi approved. Since 2005 as an interest group Mondi is mainly behind the scenes engaged in knowledge and gain experience, trial and error, with lobby, with cash and mainly to learn how pitfalls can be avoided. Anyone can successfully buy real estate abroad, but it sometimes makes itself unimaginably difficult.

Of course, the prospective buyer must resist all kinds of temptations:

  • Great sales pitch;
  • Beautiful brochures;
  • Beautiful professionally designed websites.

To name but a few examples. But above points give you even any certainty. In order to come to an informed decision when buying property abroad, you must have the facts, relevant data, and sometimes also to information about what is happening behind the scenes.

It is not difficult to establish criteria to seek maximum security for the prospective buyer of real estate abroad. But the conditions need to be supported by organizations that want to differentiate quality and conform to the regulations. That’s where Mondi strives to achieve and where the consumer is entitled. The information should be transparent, so Mondi will vary among jurisdictions, partly by other laws and regulations, publish criteria against which real estate providers, including brokers and developers, need to comply with to be allowed to carry the label ‘Mondi approved. These criteria are then checked by lawyers and tightened before Mondi here actively comes out.

Example preliminary criteria Spain
Upon resale transactions of Spanish property, you can expect that the selling broker to provide specified documentation under possession and also submit to the purchasing customer and memorandum. These are legal documents that are to be actually supplied as standard in order to rule out as legal problems as much as possible after a sale. Note that the list is for resales, new construction requires additions or other documentation.

Documentation selling existing homes

  1. Valid sales commission from vendors, identification of sellers.
  2. Escritura copy of the property (title deed).
  3. Recent excerpt regional ownership records of the property (nota simple).
  4. Recent certificate cadastral registration of the property.
  5. Copy last payment IBI (OG tax), or guilt-free declaration of municipal tax organ.
  6. Copy last payment Basura (Garbage), or guilt-free declaration of municipal tax organ.
  7. Copy habitability statement of object and / or minimum municipal certificate rest no architectural violation on the property; with why the habitability certificate is not issued.
  8. Copy of contracts or final settlements with power supplier, water supplier and gas supplier.
  9. Copy (s) after completion of yet obtained building permits for the purchase and / or development activities.
  10. In case of real estate within a fee: Certificate of the owners association administration of payments, periodic quote and any arrears of the sellers.
  11. If not yet completed infrastructure (recent or already over): certificate of town yet to complete work and charge of these activities.

Very important in this (point 3), a recent note simple. From this document reveals who the real owners are and in what capacity they are this, and whether registered charges -and from which earth resting on real estate (financial in nature: a mortgage, or a legal nature: a right of way, obligatory participation ratio in a joint ownership, a duty to contribute to reduction urbanization, etc.). They are essential and binding data to be displayed in each (including booking or koopoptie-) contract.

Outside of this documentation, it is of course recommended that a ‘Mondi approved’ provider is actually the data provided explanatory in these documents, they where necessary (eg description of the immovable property owned registry and cadastre) will have an updated and assesses whether they are in accordance are recorded.

Additional information / documentation such as drawings, building inspection reports, information on current insurance policies, contracts including service companies (alarm, maintenance, etc.); everything has a practical value.

Obviously, the knowledge of the broker regarding municipal zoning, planned future activities in the area concerned and general knowledge of the location also very important for a successful and satisfying purchase.

In addition, must have the ‘Mondi Approved’ organization, professional indemnity insurance and to conform to the (behavioral) regulations have been prepared by and on behalf of the grouping. Disputes should be reported via a protocol to the arbitration committee.

Algarve - Portugal

Dit is slechts een voorbeeld van een presentatie. Alle vastgoedproducten in binnen- en buitenland die op deze website worden gepresenteerd, worden eerst volledig gescreend door de belangenorganisatie Mondi en externe onafhankelijke deskundigen. Dit gebeurt op een transparante manier aan de hand van een checklist, die op verzoek wordt verstrekt.

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Villa’s vanaf€ 450.000
Prognose verhuurrendement6,8 %
Looptijd10 jaar </p> <p>
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